Cassina in Villa Orizzonte

Villa Orizzonte has been selected as the backdrop for a prestigious presentation shoot by the renowned Italian brand, Cassina. The interior of the villa serve as the ideal setting to showcase one of Cassina's latest products, Esosoft designed by Antonio Citterio.

The villa's architectural features, particularly its expansive windows, provide a seamless connection between the interior and the surroundings. The landscape takes center stage, transcending the traditional boundaries of the building and permeating the interior spaces, infusing them with a contemporary and refreshing ambiance.

The living area was specifically chosen for the shooting, it is characterized by dynamic perspectives that draw the eye towards the outside. The gentle hues of the flooring and wall coverings create a serene backdrop, evoking a sense of tranquility and harmony. The landscape, like an enchanting painting, envelops the textures and forms of Cassina's products, enhancing their presence and creating a captivating visual composition.

Cassina in Villa Orizzonte

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