Riccardo Robustini interviewed by AD Middle East

UNICA Architects’ co-founder Riccardo Robustini was interviewed by Architectural Digest Middle East, one of the most outstanding international design and architecture magazines, on the theme of architecture built on water. 

“Human civilisation has taken shape around the water. Water has always been an element of nature, constantly surrounded by life and flourishing economies. Water is also a source of magic. The endless and indefinable movement of the iridescent surface provides a sense of calm and serenity for those who live close to it. In the last century, architects, urban planners, investors, and politicians have all tried to occupy the sea in different ways, captivated by the complexity of coastal communities and their vibrancy. Coastal areas have always been able to attract tourists and investors.” 

Riccardo also talks about the project for the Floating Venice in Dubai’s World Islands, a floating 400 key resort with 180 underwater rooms, inspired by Venetian architecture.

Riccardo Robustini interviewed by AD Middle East

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