UNICA Architects together with Casone group, were interviewed by the renowned Italian architecture and design magazine INTERNI on the project of Villa Orizzonte in Ferrara, Italy.

The one-storey villa was developed according to horizontal logic and southward orientation, it was designed to blend in with the landscape and to dialogue harmoniously with the nearby riverbank.

Lorenzo Capucci, Bologna office Director and UNICA founder says: “The initial request from the clients was to design a single-story villa with contemporary lines, starting from the preexistence of an agricultural farmhouse. Given the limited typological value of the existing house, we opted for its demolition, but we still had the regulatory constraint of respecting the building area. This strong limitation turned out to be one of the inspirations for the project, as we regularized the volume derived from the preexisting footprint by adding a suspended loggia. This loggia serves as a solar screen on the south side and, on the other hand, generated a series of patios that have become one of the distinguishing elements of the project.”


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