UNICA Architects and Salvatori

Our project, Villa Orizzonte in Ferrara, Italy, is prominently featured on the Salvatori website, renowned for their exquisite stone materials. In an insightful interview, UNICA partners Lorenzo Capucci and Riccardo Robustini shared their design vision, shedding light on how the incorporation of Salvatori textures seamlessly amplified the innate connection between the villa's interiors and the surrounding outdoor environment. This collaboration marks yet another chapter in our ongoing partnership with Salvatori, a testament to our shared commitment to innovation and creative synergy.

Lorenzo Capucci and Riccardo Robustini emphasized, "Our approach to crafting standalone residences is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients. Tailoring each space to the individual preferences and requirements of the inhabitants is paramount, as every facet of a home is experienced subjectively. With Villa Orizzonte, our focus was on establishing a harmonious dialogue between the natural and the artificial. Through deliberate geometries, thoughtfully selected materials, and a refined color palette, the villa exudes an almost ethereal quality, fostering a sense of immersion within the encompassing nature and landscape."

They further elaborated, "Salvatori's stone materials seamlessly complement this interplay of contrasts between the organic and the crafted. The inherent simplicity, artisanship, tactile richness, and enduring allure of Salvatori's offerings imbue spaces with inviting and timeless atmospheres, evoking distinct sensations wherever they are applied."

This collaboration between UNICA and Salvatori exemplifies the synergy between our design philosophy and Salvatori's dedication to quality, resulting in spaces that transcend the ordinary and resonate with a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and craftsmanship.

UNICA Architects and Salvatori

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